Tuesday, January 11, 2011

List for 2011

I've been seeing a lot of "29 things to do before I'm 30"-type lists lately. I like this idea so much better than making New Year's resolutions. So here is the list of things I'm determined to accomplish in 2011. I know I'm running a little late, but 1/11/11 seems like an auspicious day to start something. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Write a steamy romance/urban fantasy novel.
Sew as much of my wardrobe as I realistically have time to do.
Get upholstery school up and running with DE, MG and PD.
Spend more time outside.
Take part in more that Austin has to offer (drag queen bingo, skee-ball, theatre, etc.)

Trouble Puppet Theatre
Get my peacock (tattoo) fixed and finished. Long story. The artist and I had a little miscommunication about color. I'm getting the problem part lasered off and fixed. Um...ouch!

original drawing of my tattoo
 Paint the bedroom.

Paint swatches that have been up in the bedroom for over a year.

So there is my list. I love a challenge!

She Use to Search the Sky

 Mine! All Mine! Mwhaahahahaha!

She Use to Search the Sky, Nate Frizzell, 2010

I purchased this painting back in October from LaBasse Projects. It's by Nate Frizzell from the exhibition "I Should Know Who I am by Now." It arrived last week and is now hanging in the family room, otherwise known as the tree and bird room. Love! I am so happy.