Friday, January 13, 2012

Something's Amiss, But It's Not the Toilet

There is no longer a toilet in my living room! It is safely back in the bathroom, where it belongs. I finally finished sanding, priming, painting, and installing shoe molding on the baseboards in the bathroom so everything is back where it was and in working order.

Well, almost everything is back where it was. Here is the view from sitting on the not-in-the-living-room toilet.

The sink has built-in towel racks!

Let's take a closer look.

Do you see something that isn't quite right? When P and I went to rehang the sink, we were missing the chrome u-bend. It just disappeared. I don't know where it could possibly have gone. He happened to have a brass u-bend in his garage that fit, so on it went. The plan was to get a chrome one next time I went to Home Depot, but it's kind of growing on me. It makes me giggle. It doesn't match. Hee hee. Why is that funny? Maybe this never-ending project is getting to me because for some reason a gold u-bend on a chrome sink strikes me as sadly hilarious. I'm sure I'll replace it someday. Instead, the next time I went to Home Depot I bought a wall plate to hide the big hole where the pipe goes into the wall. I haven't installed it yet.

What else is left on the to-do list for the bathroom?

Level the tub so the water actually drains. It should be on a slight incline towards the drain, but instead it's on a slight incline the other way. Currently, after it's used, about 2-3 inches of water have to be scooped up the length of the tub and into the drain. The feet are adjustable, the bitch will be lifting one side of the heavy beast in order to adjust them.

Strip, sand, prime and paint the window and door trim and the medicine cabinet.

Wash out all the dust, then sand, prime and paint the top half of the cabinet. The top shelf, which had been sealed shut, is all nasty and moldy. I sprayed it with bleach a few times but the mold is still there. I'm hoping the can of Killz lives up to its name. I wonder if it was sealed because it was too high to reach and the mold developed later, or because someone else was too lazy to get rid of the mold.

 I really, really don't like the cabinet at all. It is clearly not original to the house. It takes up a lot of space and crowds the sink and mirror on one side and the tub on the other. I had to take the door off the bottom so it could be usable at all. The sink prevents the door from opening. It was nailed shut when I bought the house. And on top of everything else, it's really ugly. I can't decide whether to remove the top door too for consistency, or leave it on to hide clutter. Eventually I'll rip it out the whole thing and replace it with a nice free-standing cabinet like this one from Restoration Hardware. But probably not that exact one...unless I win the lottery.

Simple, elegant, clean. No mold anywhere.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Window Ledge and Laundry/Tool Room Redo

This is where the mirror in the master bath is supposed to be.

But for months, I have been using this hand mirror sitting on the window ledge to get ready in the morning.

But no longer!

Ignore the smudge.
I have made some other progress too! Remember this?

I liked the mauve, but it seemed a but dark for the palette. I decided to go with something a little lighter for the laundry room.

When I bought the place the back door frame had been kicked in during a break-in and was broken. The walls and ceiling were brown and the paper covering the sheet rock had been peeled away in place. The floor was filthy and the trim, shelves and baseboards needed to be painted.

Laundry room "before"
P fixed the frame right away and sprayed texture over the sheet rock where needed. I had the ceiling painted white, but since then it has been a place to keep tools, boxes and junk. The floor stayed filthy.

This is after I washed it once just to make sure this crud would come off. I really had to scrub to get it totally clean.
But then this weekend...

Roni wanted to know what's wrong with brown, but she helped me paint anyway.
So what's lighter that mauve and a perfect choice for a room to store tools? Pink, of course!

Benjamin Moore HC-59

The shelves have been painted white and will be hung shortly. Black and white storage bins were on clearance at Target so I cleared them out. I'm thinking the Olin rug from Crate and Barrell for the floor. It's on sale.
Trim and baseboards still to go, but there has been progress. Woot!

So here is the final color palette. I hope it looks happy and airy and not like a nursery. A nursery for my projects maybe, but not the other kind.