Monday, June 6, 2011

Helmet Panties!

Remember me? I used to blog. I have been crazy busy lately trying to get the house ready to sell, etc. Despite that, I did manage to commit to making 20 helmet panties for TXRD's travel team, the All-Scar Army.

The national banked track tournament, Battle on the Bank IV, is taking place next week in Arizona. The Army needs helmet panties to make everyone look uniform. It's easier to be sneaky that way.

I spent the weekend on my little assembly line. I used a new three-part pattern. I think it worked well on the all green panties. The gold material is a little stretchier, so I could have reduced the pattern a little on the pivot panties. I think they are a little big. Oh well. They'll work. And they were certainly cheaper than the whole team buying new helmets. I hope they bring the team good luck! Go TXRD!

Pardon the grainy photos. They were taken with my cell phone.

Notice the sneak peak of my antique treadle Singer. I think this is the first time it's appeared on the blog. It was a Christmas present from my parents. It belonged to my great Aunt. I need to give it a tune up, then I will start using it. That's a to-do for once I'm in the new house.