Friday, October 29, 2010

Nate Frizzell at LaBasse Projects
 An artist I discovered through High Fructose magazine, Nate Frizzell, is having a show at LaBasse Projects in Culver City (L.A.) opening November 6. I am still jonesing after the painting below, Isnt it Smart to Be as Strong as the Bear, If There is a Bear? But someone bought it. Should I ask for the price list for the upcoming show? Maybe everything will be thousands of dollars so I won't even be tempted to buy anything. I certainly don't need another painting. But I still dream about paintings I didn't buy in the past. The fact that I didn't buy the drawing Girl with Bear Number 6 by Marcel Dzama still haunts me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gross National Happiness

Someone alerted me this morning to the video at the bottom of the post. It's about 17 minutes long but well worth the time. It's about how we as a culture and a country are more focused on gross domestic product (GDP) and the idea of success as having money and objects, than we are on gross national happiness (GNH), Basically the idea of having what we want instead of wanting what we have.

This is something that interests me immensely. Here I am with a blog about wanting stuff (GDP) with a name about happiness (GNH). Clearly these are at odds. Aren't they? Does being interested in sewing and style and decor make me shallow? They make me happy and they provide a service. Granted it's usually just to me and my family. But there is something fulfilling about being surrounded by a little bit of beauty.

I heard a different speech once that said humans need both bread AND roses to survive. This blog focuses on the roses, so to speak, but I will endeavor to do so in a way that is less greedy and materialistic.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baguette et Chocolat

I met Corey for lunch yesterday at a new restaurant on Bee Caves called Baguette et Chocolat. He was told about it the day before by our neighbor. He went for lunch that day, and then came back yesterday and took me. They bill themselves as an authentic French bakery. And they appear to be so. The place smells like heaven—like fresh baked bread and sugar.

In addition to pastries, they have a full lunch menu of croquettes, crepes, panini, and salads. The previous visit Corey had the croquet madame (french bread, ham, swiss, french mornay sauce and egg on top). For dessert he had a cream puff (although he said it wasn’t called a cream puff). He highly recommends both. Yesterday he had the Texan crepe—barbecued chicken and red onions, which he enjoyed, but not as much as the previous lunch. I had the Montagnard panini (prosciutto, goat cheese, red onions and tomato). The bread was amazing, crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle. The contents were a bit too salty for me. I am quite salt sensitive. The French macaroons made up for it though. They came in a variety of flavors. I had the rose and the pistachio. Yum. Next time I think I’ll try the caramel. Corey enjoyed his chocolate almond croissant too. We’ll be back.

By the way, if you are epileptic, avoid their website. There are so many flashing, blinking moving parts, I felt like I needed to take some Dramamine. But the gallery of pastry photos is drool inducing.

Baguette et Chocolat

As an aside why is it Texas has special forces praying manti (mantises?). Here is how they look in L.A., normal and green.

Check out this one I spotted outside my office yesterday. It's in camo. I almost didn't see it. I'm sure it was on a highly classified mission.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thinking about holiday dresses already...

Waiting for me in my inbox this morning was an ad for the new McCall's holiday patterns including this dress.

I loooooove this!--the color, the cut out, the asymmetrical seams. Then on Gilt today. I saw this. It's from Daryl K., a brand I have always liked for its tough, yet feminine style.

Notice any similarities?

Cut outs around the chest and shoulders must be a big trend. I do like both of these. I would want to make a dress, rather than spend the money for RTW, but I would hate to spend the time on something without a long shelf life. I could wear it to the holiday party at work, but what about later?

Do you think the cut outs have staying power? Or do you think the dress will look dated by next year?


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