Monday, February 28, 2011

Paintball for Boobies

On Saturday I played in a charity paintball tournament for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure organization. My team, the Valkeries was the only all-female team. We were the only females playing, period.

Pink paint on purpose?

The Valkeries, Marie, Tanya, Kristy, me

Our coach, Loretta, I mean Lukas
 I wish I could say we won, but we pretty much got our asses handed to us. But it was still a great time and the money went to a great cause, win or lose. The winning team, the Dog Sitters, had been out late the night before drinking. And they still won. Embarrasing.

We got beat by these guys?

The field is called Texas Paintball out in Jonestown just West of Cedar Park. No, that is NOT the same Jonestown where the Jonestown Massacre took place. That said, you do have to drive past End of the Trail Road, past Nameless Road, drive through a trailer park in which some of the "trailers" are literally rusted out storage sheds, before you get to the paint ball field. Rural Texas. What can I say?

The field itself is really nice. Several different playing fields as well and a areas in the woods to play. The Valkeries are going to be practicing, so next year, we'll be ready to redeem ourselves.


  1. I played that once in college and those suckers hurt and leave big 'ole welts when you get hit!!! Good for you being the only girls willing to take one for the ta-tas!!!

  2. Yaay boobies! I hope they find the cure. Glad the Valkeries had fun and represented for the fairer sex.