Friday, August 26, 2011

I Need Your Opinion

The house closes on Monday. Yeah! In addition to the 10,000 other things I need to do now that this is happening, I need to replace the missing light fixtures. However I've got paralysis by analysis. There are too many choices. So I need you to help me decide.

First choice: What color hardware? From the original dining room chandelier photo, it looks like the house may have had matte bronze hardware. I won't know for sure until I've stripped the paint from the original door hardware. But bronze seems to be trendy right now. I don't want it to look dated in a few years.

Second choice: the kitchen lighting. I need to replace an overhead pendant and a wall sconce. The walls and cabinets right now are an ugly yellow. I will probably paint the walls a very pale, pale green. Eventually the cabinets will be replaced with pretty white shaker-style models. That in mind, which do you like best? Keep in mind that they can be all white, white with black lines, or white with color (blue, green, beige, red).

 Then the sconce would get the same style shade, but sconce-sized.

Third choice: the dining room chandelier. Here is what the original, but, alas, stolen, period piece looked like:
Gorgeous, huh? Stupid thieves! I have looked on Ebay and reproduction sellers but have not been able to find anything quite like it. So which do you like best? They all come in all of the finishes mentioned above and with any shade.

I'm kind of leaning towards a plain, white, straight-sided shade. Am I missing and opportunity?


  1. I like antique black or mat bronze for the hardware. I think the first kitchen light shown is cool too :)

  2. As far as the hardware, I just don't care for the two brass ones.

    For Kitchen lighting, the 2nd choice reminds me of something in an old apartment and the first one is cool but is it maybe too art deco for that house??? So I would have to choose either of the last two and go with whatever color schemes will match.

    For the Chandelier one and two are nice...for my house and I see three in a more goth type setting. The plain white one looks like a lamp shade. I see you doing something OVER THE TOP BIG chandelier. Search second hand stores and flea markets there in Austin first before you decide on one of those you may find just the right one!!! In the mean time stick a light bulb in there, it can wait awhile :)

    Can't wait to see it!!!