Monday, May 21, 2012

Relocating Bees and Gate Update

Roni inspecting the progress of the arbor.

P has made great progress on the gate. The arbor is now up and looks amazing. We decided to add the arbor to help support the weight of the gate--plus it looks really cool. The beams on either side of the gate had to be extended to the new height. P drilled the center, added dowels, added brackets to the outside, then wrapped the whole thing in cedar so all the interior support mechanisms are hidden.

Two posts connected with brackets. One side wrapped.

Post wrapped on all sides.

Yesterday P comes into the room and says, "You have got to see this! I thought I heard a really quiet leaf blower. I looked outside and there's a guy with a vacuum." I said, "What is he vacuuming?" P said "Bees."

Because I'm nosy, I went out and talked to the beekeeper. Apparently my neighbor has had a hive of honeybees under his house for more than three years. His new roommate is allergic, so he called to have it removed. The beekeeper used smoke to get the bees out of the hive. Then he used a gentle vacuum to catch the bees, so he could cut out the hive and relocate the whole thing somewhere else.

He had a few of the smaller pieces in a tray.

The dark part is the honey.

He gave me a piece of the honeycomb to taste. I but into the most amazing fresh honey. You chew up the wax with the honey then spit it out.

Should I feel bad for eating a piece of the bees' house?

I hope all the bees make it to a new, safe home. I bet the neighborhood gardeners loved having a colony close by to pollinate their flowers and vegetables. I wonder if there will be a difference in the crops this year.

I also finally finished one of the set of curtains for the bedroom.

She looks rather disapproving.


  1. Oooh, I love that fabric. And your gate is going to look amazing. Can you send P to my house next? ;)

    1. Thanks! He grumbled about my elaborate taste in gates, but I think he's having fun building it. ;) I told him it would be good for his portfolio. Hopefully he'll get some work out of it. He's been able to build it for about $7,000 less than the cost of the inspiration gate.

  2. Looking good. I love the gate! When you have the final reveal of the house, do we get a reveal of P?