Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gate and shed

The gate is done except for the pin that goes into the ground and holds it closed. Okay, it has been for months. I just haven't blogged about it. Isn't it pretty? P does nice work. :)

I finally got around to digging out the old chain link fence. The two posts closest to the house came out relatively easily.

The two on the other side were a royal pain. I was doing this the morning that I had a storage shed built. The carpenter pushed on the post with his truck a little and that helped loosen them. It turns out they had long pieces of rebar securing them to the ground

They don't look that big in the photo, but for comparison's sake, here's my foot.


Here is the shed under construction.


And finished. Sort of. It still needs to be painted to match the house.

Here is a shot of the yard. I'm open to suggestions as to how to landscape around this thing. I didn't realize it would take up so much space. P is going to build shelves in it. Once he does, I'll be able to move all my tools out of the laundry room and actually use those shelves for (*gasp*) linens!

I was going to ask Roni for her thoughts, but the look on her face didn't inspire confidence.

Next up: Leveling the floors!

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