Friday, October 5, 2012

The Escape Artist

Part of the fence was removed to give the workers access to the foundation. The skirting has also been removed allowing anything that can fit under the house free access to the back yard from the front and vice versa. I have used all kinds of things--storage sheds, planks, rugs, wheel barrows, etc.--to block off the exits so Roni doesn't go wandering.

For three weeks, this worked fine. This week, she decided that she wanted to see the world. She has gotten out three times that I am aware of. Each time, I think I found the way she escaped and shored it up. But she keeps getting out! I owe several thank you cards to friendly neighbors who found her in the streets and called.

Luckily C has been able to go retrieve her each time. He set up a camera to recreate the crime.

I thought perhaps she got out out here.

Or here.

 It was much easier. Please excuse the sideways view. I couldn't figure out how to rotate the video.

This morning she pulled the lattice off the bottom of the deck and escaped again. She somehow pulled the nails out of the wood. Did I mention that she is incredibly good at problem solving? I think she just gets bored when I'm not home.

I am afraid she is going to get run over, or get in a fight with another dog, or that I won't find her. I practically had a panic attack the first time I came home and she was gone. I found her in the neighbors yard two houses down. This morning a neighbor down the street found her. Thursday she made it two streets over before being rescued.

C says her name should be Hairy Houdini. I will be so happy when the fence and skirting are back in place.

Day 7,834 of my captivity. Today I almost escaped, but they tracked me down before I could meet up with the getaway car.

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