Friday, November 9, 2012

A Peak Under the Skirt (of my house, you perverts)

The leveling is done...sort of.

Here is my cheesy, not-to-scale diagram of how the steel pier system works. You can read more about it here.

Here is an actual photo of the diagram above. Obviously you can't see the part below ground.

Here is a photo showing the new piers  before painting and before all the old piers had been removed.

Unpainted pier and new beam. When they bring the house to the correct height, they weld the pipe to the angle iron in which the beam sits.You can see the joint in this photo.

New piers with a coat of primer

Painted with all the old piers and debris removed. There is no more wood touching the ground. Yeah! What you are looking at is the underside of my pine floors. There is no insulation. Nada. Zilch. That needs to be installed before the pipes get replaced. More on that later.

Look at the spaghetti of old telephone and cable wires. Those need to come out. 

This used to be the entrance to the crawl space. That will be relocated. The cement wall on the left is my porch. I think the metal pipe you see is the gas line. There is a small spigot sticking out of the floor next to the fireplace, which is weird, because it's a woodburning fireplace. Perhaps there used to be a radiator?

Because the skirting has been off for so long, I suspect someone has moved under my house. A rather smelly, furry someone:--black with a white stripe. Sound familiar? I've smelled skunk in the back yard several times. One night I smelled skunk IN the house. Not surprising considering there are unplugged holes in the floor where cable lines used to run. Roni was excitedly running from room to room sniffing the holes.

This worries me especially now that there is a GIANT GAPING HOLE in the floor of my bathroom. Stay tuned to hear why.

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