Friday, October 28, 2011

Paint Update with Bonus Features

Here is the "before" photo of the front bedroom. Walls and ceiling are both dark green.

Here it is after the ceiling was painted white. Notice the boring light that my electrician thinks is perfectly good.

Here it is getting a coat of primer. The walls will eventually be white. I figured it would be light, bright and a better backdrop for the turquoise light fixture and the rest of the colorful things I plan to put into the room. This will be my sewing/craft room.

Remember this?

 Then this?

Look at it now. Ooh. Aah.

Here is a photo looking the other direction. Notice something?

Here's a clue.

That's right! There is a dishwasher and a sink! No faucet...or drains...or garbage disposal yet, but there may be by the time I get there today.

Someday I will replace the cabinets with pretty white shaker ones, but right now the budget doesn't allow for it. I think these cabinets date to the 1950s. They are pretty beat up and don't hang straight on their hinges, but with some sanding and a couple coats of white paint they will be livable for awhile. I removed that fugly tile from the counter tops. I still need to remove it from the backsplash.

The kitchen walls will be painted a light green from Benjamin Moore's historical colors collection. I think it will look nice with the white cabinets, green light fixtures, and eventually with the terrazzo counter tops I plan to install. The color of  the terrazzo is called fresh lime and it's from Daltile.

So pretty together. Me likey.

I've chosen a light dove grey for the hall bath with the claw foot tub. It looks kind of blue in this picture, but there are no blue undertones in the actual color.

Tonight I will try to finish the front bedroom so I can empty out my storage space before the end of the month so I don't have to pay for November rent. After that comes the master closet so I can move my clothes from the pile on the bedroom floor, then I'll start the bedroom walls.

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  1. Great call removing that tile. I love the terrazzo you have picked out!