Friday, October 28, 2011

There's a light...over at the Frankenstein place.

Well, not exactly the Frankenstein place, but I thought it was appropriate given the season. More accurately, there's a my dining room...and my kitchen...and the bedroom... Woot!

Cherry red and orange plastic beaded vintage chandelier.

When I bought the place there was no electrical box in the ceiling of the living room or the middle bedroom. When the electrician went into the attic, he discovered there actually were electrical boxes, but that they'd been covered up. Why would someone remove the overhead light from a room? Makes no sense to me. Anyhow they are back and I now have lights in both rooms. The one above is in the living room. Here's what it looks like during the day. The colors are amazing and will go great with the fabric on the settee that will go into the living room once I finish it.

Alas, no progress has been made since this photo was taken.

Here is the light in the middle bedroom, another ebay find. The ceiling plate was originally brass but it was so oxidized that I decided to paint it with metallic paint.

1960s vintage light. So cheerful!

If you remember, the period fixture in the dining room was among the items stolen during the break in. I replaced it with this. I still need to hang all the swags and crystal drops to it, but you get the basic idea. The yellow square in the background is the color the room will be painted.

I bought this from ebay, but Home Depot now carries a similar model.

In the kitchen, I hung period fixtures removed from an old factory. They have bakelite turn paddle sockets. So cool. They are really dusty, so you can't see the color that well, but they are darkish green.

Green enamel with antique brass ceiling plate.

 Still to be hung is this piece from the 1950s. It will replace the brown boring light in the front bedroom.

Bright turquoise and white ribbed plastic light from the 1950s.

I love all my lights! They are colorful and tacky and you just can't be sad when looking at them. Most of the vintage ones arrived without all the necessary pieces needed to hang them, but the electrician did a great job finding the appropriate hardware and even a perfectly matching ceiling plate for the living room chandelier. When I told him I wanted to remove a perfectly good working light and hang the fixture above in the front bedroom, he got that "you crazy, lady" look in his eye. Oh well. Next up...paint update.

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