Friday, April 27, 2012

Coils and Bricks

I mentioned earlier that I thought the bricks in the living room fireplace may have been stained because the original bricks visible in the attic are sand-colored. Now I’m not so sure. Here is a photo of the chimney of the walled-in fireplace, viewed from the attic. Those bricks are definitely sand-colored.

There is a ton of crap in the attic left by the previous owner.

 I couldn’t see the chimney of the living room fireplace from where I stood. Maybe the builders used two different kinds of brick? But why would they? Here is a close up of the living room brick. What do you think? Is the color original, or has it been stained? I think I will try scraping a tiny area and see what it reveals.

As for my air conditioner, it appears to be fixed. When the coil was opened, there was enough hair covering it to make a medium-sized dog. It may have been sabotage by the previous owner. It appears she ran the A/C without a filter from the time she found out she was being foreclosed upon. I know she had four dogs. Four dogs and about four months with no filter equals this.

Gross! Look at all that fur!

But at least I didn’t have to get a new coil or whole new unit. $305 for four visits from the repairman isn’t too bad.


  1. This site shows the quality or combination of coils and bricks in the world.

  2. I didnt even know you could stain brick. The color looks original to me. not that I'm an expert on bricks or anything. maybe they used different bricks in the attic because it's was cheaper to do it that way.