Monday, April 9, 2012

Mysterious Invisible Ice Bucket

Between the time my parents left (in January) and last weekend, the only improvements I made to the house were to add a few things to the bathrooms. In the guest bath, I purchased a caddy for the bathtub. Take a look at the instructions that came with it.

Yep, bathtub caddy and ice bucket. Why would you put an ice bucket in the bathtub? Needless to say, my bathtub caddy did not come with an ice bucket. At first, I thought the directions were translated to English by someone with an [insert foreign language here]-to-English dictionary, but everything else was clear and well written. I was so curious I looked up the product catalog. They really do make an ice bucket that hooks on the outside of the tub. I assume for champagne. Just how long do they think a girl can sit in the tub? Enough to drink more than one glass of champagne? And if there were two people in the tub, necessitating the whole bottle be brought along, I don't think they are just sitting there, sipping bubbly. . . at least I hope not.

In the master bath, the box of stuff sitting on the floor finally wore out its welcome. I broke down and bought a Better Homes and Gardens over-the-toilet spacesaver at Walmart. I can't imagine that Better Homes and Gardens has ever photographed a home with furniture from Walmart, but whatevs. It also had clear and well-written instructions. It took me about an hour to get it together.

This . . .

. . . is far superior to this:

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