Monday, December 24, 2012

The Tile is In (Bathroom Update)

Here is what the bathroom looked like last week. The new sheet rock was up on the walls and ceiling.

Earlier this week, the walls and ceiling were taped, floated and textured. A new hole was cut in the ceiling for the fan.

I didn't want a huge difference it the floor heights of the hallway and bathroom. This meant not putting backer board down under the tile. In order to make sure the tile didn't crumble with the natural flexing of the floor, a membrane was put down on the wood. It went down a turquoise color and dried an dark green. My contractor took some photos as it was going on. I'll post them once he sends them.

Pardon the grainy night/low light shot. The tile was going down in the morning so I couldn't wait to take a photo.

I had the top piece of trim removed from the window so it would be easier to refinish. Behind the wood were several old mud dauber (wasp) nests. They look speckled because they got sprayed with texture. Somehow the wasps got in through the siding on the outside of the house. They appear to be long gone. Good! I don't like flying insects, especially ones that sting.

Close up of mud dauber nest
The day after the membrane went down, the tile was laid. I decided on the white hex tile with the black accents.

Then the next day it was grouted.I choose the lightest available gray. I'm really happy with how it looks.

I really, really, really wanted to use the glitter grout I saw at the store. Glitter! In grout! It was sparkly! But I realized that it would look really weird unless I was using glass tile. Another project then.

Glitter grout. It was more sparkly in person.

Next up the walls need to be primed and painted. They will be Benjamin Moore Wickam Grey--the same color they were (see below). I also need to finish re-finishing the medicine cabinet, window trim and the door.

Then new baseboards need to be made where there were none. The gloss white I had on the baseboards now looks yellow against the white tile. I have some true white paint, but it's latex and won't go over the oil. I either need to strip the existing baseboards or find some new oil paint that matches the tile better. Ugh!

Here is the list of to-dos:
Tear out corner cabinet
Remove tub and sink
Tear out old tile
Open wall/floor, replace pipes to sink and tub
Replace 80% of drywall on walls and ceiling
Strip and refinish medicine cabinet (in progress)
Strip, refinish and repair original sash window including broken pane and rope pulleys
Replace bottom pane with stained glass if affordable
Refinish window
Install fan in ceiling
Tile floor
Replace and patch baseboards
Replace shoe molding
Float and tape walls
Paint walls
Paint baseboards and shoe molding
Replace tub and sink
Fabricate hook and hang antique cup holder
Purchase properly sized storage cabinet


  1. Beautiful tile floors! And your sink is to die for :o)

  2. Wow! Glitter Grout, who knew? Makes me want to come up with a project so I can use some :) I didn't realize I was so behind on your Blog!! LOVE the oven.

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