Monday, December 7, 2015

2015 Interior Changes (photos)

Living Room

I removed the ugly brass screen from the fireplace. To do that, I had to have a damper/flue installed to keep the Texas heat from coming down the chimney. I also had a few cracks fixed and missing bricks replaced. I still need to give it  a coat of high-heat black paint. The rug is from Gilt. The red loveseat and orange rocker are Craigslist finds. I also moved the Nate Frizell painting to the dining room and the big mirror to the living room, which is smaller and gets less light.

New art from A Person Yeah

Dining Room
The rug is from Fab. The table is from Room Service Vintage. The chairs were purchased from a masonic temple. The credenza is from Craigslist. The  window trim/sill (not in the photo) needs to be repaired.

Detail of the light box my dad built for me. The panel is NOS from the '70s.

Sewing Room
The futon is from Ikea, the rug from Gilt, the desk and hutch from Craigslist. Normally the futon is set up like a couch, not a bed.

Media Room
I replaced the couch with a sofa bed (from Club Furniture--it was the least expensive mid mod looking sofa that I could find). The rug is from Gilt. I made the matching pillows from some fabric I had sitting around. 

Hall Bath
This room has the most changes. I decided against a stained glass window (too expensive) and refinished the existing weight and pulley window. One frame was too rotted to save, so I had a local carpenter rebuild it. I added a shower conversion to the tub. I realize I don't have a photo. I'll post one later. The only thing left to do is finish stripping and painting the door and frame.

Where we last left the bathroom

door hardware before

and after
still working on it
the door frame still needs to be done

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