Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Front Yard

A few months ago, the front yard looked like this. The "grass" was mostly weeds and mostly dead.

I knew I wanted it xeriscaped--something I could hit with a hose once a week and be done, but was pretty. I didn't want to pay someone to design something but I don't know anything about landscape design. I discarded a bunch of ideas before deciding on this.

I like curves
I had the grass torn out and the yard leveled. Crushed granite and mulch replaced the grass and a few low water grasses and flowering plants in shades of orange, red, and purple were installed. I had the offshoot sidewalk torn out but quickly realized I needed a walkway of some sort. A friend donated flat  stones from his beach on Lake Travis.

The grass on its way out

Baskets from Target match the porch perfectly!

Granite and mulch in, no plants yet

The side of the house is clean!

River rock borders, stone pathway, and plants

Donated boulders from the lake, blue agave from my mom, and prickly pear from a neighbor. Two red/orange lantana and a red yucca went into the corner area.

Pretty close to my drawing!

The plants are small now but they'll get larger and fill in the space.

Coming home to this makes me happy!

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