Saturday, September 10, 2011

Discovery Architectural Antiques and Salvage

I drove to Gonzalez, Texas this morning to visit Discovery Architectural Antiques and Salvage to look for trim pieces, siding, doors, pine flooring and other stuff for the house. What a cool place!

They had the siding, one of the two trim types I needed and the rare 3 1/4 inch yellow pine flooring in 12-foot lengths. I'll have to go back again for the door once I know exactly what I need. I had the measurements but didn't realize there were so many variations to the coving. This place had HUNDREDS of doors.

Look at some of the other neat stuff they had. It's worth a visit if you are ever out that way. It's about an hour from Austin.

stained glass windows
glass door knobs
This makes me wonder if the ones in my house are original. They are only on the french doors in the living room. The plates are definitely original (and painted over about 47 times) but the knobs don't fit the plates exactly. I'll have to look up when glass knobs were in use. The rest of the original doors have the old plates too, but new-looking brass knobs. It would be nice to replace them with either something authentic or glass ones, even if they aren't authentic, cuz they're pretty.

more knobs and some door plates
neat-o trim pieces
Lotza doors...and these were just the ones in the store. The warehouse had a ton more!
Detail of one of the doors. This one was so pretty. Too bad it's the wrong size (and style) for my house.
They also had light fixtures, hinges, hardware tin ceilings, etc., etc. I will be back sometime.

And now for a sneak peak of my actual house. When demoing a corner of the kitchen to remove the soffit/bumpout with the A/C tube that went nowhere, we discovered that sheet rock had been applied over the existing sheet rock and wallpaper. And what wallpaper it was. Yowza!

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