Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally! A Photo Update!

I was finally able to download the photos from my camera. Yeah! Here are some before and during shots. Unfortunately, nothing is at the "after" stage yet, but it's moving along.

The dark cave that was the living room. Brown walls, brown ceiling with ugly spiky texture.

Close up of spiky texture
Sanded and refloated.

Looks better already, huh?!?
Since then it was re-textured and painted (white).

Now the kitchen. Remember that funky wall, weird corner bump-out taking up space, and "what was she thinking" mini bar in the kitchen?

The funky wall was original...and solid wood. I discovered that the hard way when I swung a sledge hammer into it with all my might. Ouch.

Above the wood but below the sheet rock I found some old wallpaper. One side was yellow with a cheesecloth texture. It looks to have been signed by either the occupants, or perhaps the contractor's daughters.

The other side had this rose-patterned paper that may have been pretty at one time.

Since the wall was original, it was framed right into the floor. Once the wall was out, a big hole in the floor remained. Also, it turns out that all the walls of my house are built from the same solid wood planks. You can't really tell from the next photo, but the top half of the kitchen appears to have been paneled at one time...or still is...under a layer of sheet rock.

And the weird bump-out and mini bar? You'll have to stay tuned. You won't want to miss it. It involves a gunshot!

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