Thursday, November 10, 2011

My House is Fancy!

P, the best BF ever!
See this man? This man is amazing! I didn't have to call a plumber. He fixed my hot water heater. He fixed my sink. That's right. I have a working sink--with running water and drains and a garbage disposal and everything! Thanks P! My house is all fancy and shit! But seriously, I didn't realize just how much I took for granted having a kitchen sink until I spent months washing my hands, buckets, paint brushes, etc. while bent over the bath tub.

It's so pretty. Look.

Dear sink, I lurve you. Dear ugly glue stuck to counter, soon you will meet the Grim Reaper. Mwahahaha!
Guess what temperature the water is? You bet! Hot! Woo hoo!
And my dishwasher? It runs. That's right. I feel so blessed. I am doing the Snoopy dance of happiness today. And guess what? The dining room has been primed. Here is the photo from the listing.
I wonder where you live now, oh stolen light fixture?
With the ceiling painted and new chandelier installed.

With the walls primed.

It's going to be a pale yellow, something between cream and butter. While sanding the walls I discovered that before it was cave brown, it had been yellow. My house is coming back to the light. It's not a dump anymore. I am starting to realize that it's actually going to be cute. I am excited!

And remember the Grimace purple dungeon, I mean bathroom?
Photo from the listing.
Everything was purple. Walls, trim, ceiling, door, baseboards. Everything.
 After the walls were retextured.

And primed.

With one coat of pale grey paint. One more to go, then the sink and toilet can go back. Won't I be stylin' then?!?

The tile still sucks, but that's a project for another day. Along with stripping the paint from the trim and doors. The to-do list for the rest of the house is long too--finish painting the walls, sand and paint the baseboards, re-install the shoe moulding, remove glue from kitchen countertops, and so on, and so forth, forever and ever, amen. But I think I might actually be able to move in Sunday. Yippee!