Monday, November 14, 2011

Oil Paint is Stinky

This weekend I painted baseboards and shoe molding. Oil-based paint is stinky. Before I show you more boring pictures of a white room with white baseboards and white shoe molding, I'm going to show you a before photo of the kitchen. Why? To truly appreciate how far the house has come, you need to see just how bad it looked when I bought it.


See how disgusting and black the baseboards were? See how the yellow paint is at least 5 different shades? See where the stolen microwave used to be? See how nasty the floors were?

And look at the trim around the door between the kitchen and back hall. Ew!

Both sides of the door trim
Look at the kitchen now--primed and ready for paint with straight, smooth door trim replaced by P.

It's not done but I can already hear the angels singing hallelujah.
Door trim after. No lumps or bumps!
 See what I mean?!? What a difference!

So back to my bedroom. This part of the house is newer, so the baseboards weren't as bad, but they still had streaks and scratches and grime. I washed them, sanded them and painted them with high gloss white, oil-based paint.

After sanding
After painting but before shoe molding was attached
With shoe molding

I still need to caulk the seam and nail holes.
Funny how the exact same color (Benjamin Moore's super white) looks different on the walls (latex with pearl finish) and baseboards (oil with high gloss finish).

I also painted a gazillion feet of shoe molding, which is the same as quarter round, but slightly more narrow. The whole house needs new shoe molding.

P cut the lengths I needed for the bedroom, then I went around with my pneumatic pin nailer and attached it. Pow! Pow! The pin nailed came with the air compressor, but this was the first time I've used it.

The goal was to get the bedroom completely done so I could move in. Yes, the rest of the house is still a construction zone, but I'll be able to go into my clean complete bedroom and shut the door. Stay tuned for the final reveal.

I'll leave you with some evidence that it is always good to buy and test paint samples before committing to a gallon. Here is the paint sample for the master bath on the wall. It looked like a pretty pale green in the store.

Holy fluorescence Batman!

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