Monday, November 7, 2011

So I Electrocuted Myself Last Night...

Apparently face plates on light switches are there for a reason. Who knew that if you touch the metal part between the two screws you can get a jolt? And if you do it with wet hands? ZING! Note to self--never, ever, ever fling hand in general direction of light switch in an attempt to flip it when the faceplate is off. ESPECIALLY with wet hands. Instead, thoroughly dry hands, then oh so carefully touch just the plastic switch and flip it.

It was just the ending I needed to the day I was having yesterday. (Where's the sarcasm font?) Apparently electrocuting yourself not only hurts like a bitch and makes your hand and arm tingle and cramp for a couple hours, but it reduces you to a crying pile of goo who blurts things like "I'm so tired of painting." and "My house is never going to get done." while sobbing onto the chest of sympathetic BF who came over to install your sink.

As far as the sink goes, it's in, and I have cold water but not hot. The pressure valve in the hot water line isn't working and the line will have to be replaced.

I love the faucet. Now I need to remove the ugly tile backsplash and figure out how to get the glue off the countertops.

Not that it matters right now because I can't turn on the hot water heater. In an attempt to light the pilot, I discovered that although gas is flowing, the pilot won't light, which means the controller is probably not working.

And elsewhere in the land of not working there's my 1950s O'Keefe and Merritt stove that I bought via Craig's List. The seller promised me it worked. Once I got it home, I can see several issues that make me afraid to connect it to the gas line [burners aren't connected, gas tubes going to burners not secured, the burner (where the flames come out) in the oven is no longer secured to top of oven, the hinge on the over door is broken, etc.]. The seller won't return my emails, natch.

So much potential...

So now I get to call some repairmen and spend some more money or wait until extremely helpful (but extremely busy) BF (who happens to be a contractor) has time to look at the non-working items. And then, I may still need to call repairmen and spend money. Can you see why electrocuting myself set off a crying jag? I was Grumpy McGrumpster yesterday.

On the positive side, my bedroom has been painted (except for the baseboards). Yeah! And I've started priming the hall bath.

Cool, clean, white.

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  1. This is why you, the creative one, buy the fixer-upers and I buy the brand new ones....sorry you had a bad day but when it's all over it will be beautiful!!!