Thursday, November 4, 2010

Camel Back Settee


I've begun another upholstery project. It's a camel back settee that my friend Dawn rescued. A pair of them were left on the street. They were absolutely filthy . . . and wet . . . and smelled like cat pee . . . but free! Actually, I found 65 cents while stripping it, so it actually paid me. I haven't gotten the official "before" photo from Dawn's camera yet, but it looks basically like this, only it's a two-seater, not a three.

The legs are curvier, more like a golf driver. The shape is similar to these (but without the carving).

Dawn is doing hers in purple velvet with a white velvet stripe. I was originally going to go with a white canvas because this will go into the bedroom. The plan is to paint the walls turquoise and have the duvet and most of the furniture white. But then I saw this gorgeous suzani print:

Another website shows it more muted, but either way, I like it.

Not only do the colors match the rest of the house, but it would still match the turquoise walls AND bring in another pop of color. I just ordered 9 yards. I hope it looks as good in person . . . and that Corey doesn't hate it. It will be fun to see how different the two pieces look just because of the fabric choices.

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