Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outfit of the day Photo Fail

At the Texas Style Council Conference I went to a session titled Blogging 101. Essentially the trick is to have good content, which means good writing and good photos. I also went to a photography session because, well...I am a sucky photographer. Trying to take what I learned from the session and from a great series of posts on Little Girl Big Closet, I set out to chronicle my outfit this morning. There is nothing noteworthy about the outfit, unless you count the oh-so-sexy Ace bandage on my right knee. I fell down go boom. First at the track then playing paintball. The cushion below my kneecap is inflamed. That sounds so much cooler than saying I have bursitis. Bursitis sounds like an old lady disease.

Blouse by Banana Republic
Skirt by me (Burda pattern 8155)
Boots by Nine West
Compression bandage on knee by Ace
Necklace: schwag from the TSCC
Why bother listing the earrings? You can't see them.

Anyhow, I just wanted the practice taking photos of myself. It was pretty misty and the photos came out without any kind of detail or definition. I guess it's true that I really need to get a tripod and a remote (and a better location or some sun, etc., etc.) There is not much sense in chronicling an outfit if you can't see the details.

Putting the camera on timer and then running to get in the frame made Roni think we were playing a game. Notice the dog butt in this photo. The camera clicked before she shoved the dirty soccer ball in her mouth into my legs.

So the first attempt was a fail. It can only get better from here, right? At least the pose isn't terribly unflattering.


  1. You should email Jason and ask him. He is always saying that cloudy days are the best for outside photos. Maybe he could give you tips to bring out the details in the outfits.

  2. You forgot to mention the boots are by 9West

  3. Oh, and you're right about the bursitis. Its in the same category as 'eczema'