Friday, March 18, 2011

Soco and Swap Outfit Photo Experiment

Corey and I went to Hopdoddy Burger Bar on South Congress for lunch today. Corey got the Llano Poblano burger--beef, pepper jack, poblano chilis and applewood smoked bacon. His opinion was that the ingredients were high quality but that the burger itself was a little bland. However, the clerk did tell him that the peppers were really mild this time of year. I had the Ahi Tuna burger--sushi-grade tuni, teriyaki, sprouts, honey wasabi, nori chips and pickled ginger. It was anything but bland. I mean seriously--wow! Flavor explosion. And texture too--the nori chips gave it some crunch. I am big on texture in my food. A couple times I got a big dollop of wasabi that had me rushing for the iced tea. But it was sooooo good. And they certainly don't skimp on the meat.

I snapped this photo out the window. I thought it was interesting. I like how the window panes break it up. Tell me what you think. The first photo is original with no editing. On the second I messed with the curves. Which is better? Does it even matter? Am I have delusions of grandeur and the photo is actually boring?

SXSW crowd at Guero's. I love that a float/art car was driving by when I took the shot.
It's SXSW week and Guero's next door was having some kind of a craft fair/showcase. Lots of people. Good for people watching. Bad for parking.

And finally, here is my next experiment at taking my own outfit photo. I took this one indoors. When I look at it full sized its grainy. This doesn't happen when I take other photos with my camera--just when I take them of me. I must be distracting the focus somehow. ;)

Dress: Swapped (Liberty for Target)
Bolero: Anthropologie (Lux)
Boots: Nine West
Belt: Banana Republic
Earrings: Banana Republic
Compression bandage: Ace

The dress I am wearing is from the TXSC's clothing swap. I saw it being hung on the rack during the set up, so when the doors opened, I beelined for it. I originally put it on with pink wedge sandals but it made the outfit look too girly. I don't do girly. The boots make it a bit edgier, I think. Besides, I didn't have to shave my legs. And yes, I am still wearing that sexy Ace bandage. Stupid knee!


  1. Let me start off by saying....Mmmmm Guero's!!! The 2nd picture of the window panes looks a bit brighter and crisper to me.

  2. I like the 2nd pic better, too. The colors pop more.

    And the dress... tres cool.

  3. Wow that tuna burger looks pretty fuggin great. Nice outfit... its like Texas + Arcade Fire. The Ace bandage is hot. I like the photo of the burger place too- steel and glass in geometric shapes- its the sign of modern architecture these days. Makes me feel like a 21st century digital boy. Keep up the great posts they're fun to read.

  4. Your wren pants from the swap are on my blog today! :)