Monday, March 14, 2011

Texas Style Council: Clothing Swap

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Friday night was the clothing swap hosted by and the Swapaholics. I've heard of these but never participated before. Clothing drop off was between 7 and 8, then they opened the doors at 8:30. I got there at 7:15 and there was already a line of ladies who had dropped off their clothes and were now waiting for the fun to begin. I decided to join the line. Later on, I learned that was unusual. Usually swappers don't wait in line, they just come back at the designated time. However a photographer told us that at an event in Boston, everything had been cleared out within 15 minutes--and it was four times the size of the Austin event. That bit of info made me paranoid it was going to be a smash and grab with fighting and hair pulling.

I am happy to report that it wasn't. Everyone was very calm and nice--looking at the size of an item, then moving on and making room for others to look.

I think I made out like a bandit. Here are the pieces I came home with:

The skirt is from Liberty of London for Target. You know how I love peacocks!
Super cute with puffy sleeves.
Red sweater dress. Meow!
This still has the store tags (from Forever 21).
I am a sucker for red and blue plaid. This will look great with my red cowboy boots!
Cute romper. Another gem from Target.
And finally, the piece de resistance:

I die! Gold! I can see this with a black tank underneath, black belt and either black strappy flat sandals or boots.
 I think the gold dress was the best piece at the whole swap! It fits me perfectly. It was brought to the swap by Jessie of The Concrete Catwalk. Thank you Jessie!


  1. The plaid one is super cute!!!

  2. Great job! I wish I would have seen that romper!

  3. Yeah, great finds. Score! I like the plaid too and definitely the piece de resistance!