Monday, July 25, 2011

A/C, Roof, Sink

It's update time...

The quote to replace the slab under the air conditioning unit and well as various other A/C repairs came in at $355. Woot! That's a lot less than I was expecting.

The quote to fix ALL the roof issues including the leak near the chimney came in at $1,800. Not great, but not terrible.
ALL the roof issues from the inspection report.
I think I have decided not to do the foundation and plumbing work before I move in. I don't want to add $100 a month for 30 years to the cost of the loan. Even conservative Corey told me to wait until I had a problem. Of course if Eagle Trace sells quickly and for a good price, then I will have that extra money  in hand, which might change things. But since NO ONE came to look during the open house on Sunday, I am not hopeful.

But so far the list of things that do need to be done right away hasn't been outrageous. For instance, I need a kitchen sink. I would LOVE an antique. Something from This Old Tub and Sink maybe? Like this 1951 American Standard?

 But for $565? Maybe not. But I found this cast iron Kohler beauty on Craig's List for $85. AND it's the perfect size to fit the existing hole.

I'm going to look at it later today. I love a good bargain.

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