Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paint and Color

The idea of decorating the new (old) house both thrills and terrifies me. I am drawn to the idea of doing all mid-tone soothing colors inspired by historical paint chips, but at the same time, I love bright color. I like the idea of bright, light, airy color, but don't want it to look like a nursery. What to do?

I had an idea today, maybe an epiphany, maybe just another passing and quickly discarded idea.I think I might do each room in a very pale version of the soothing, mid-tone historical colors. A very pale grey green. A very pale muted turquoise. A very pale butter yellow. A very pale dove grey. And a very pale, uh, white. Then I will add accents of the corresponding bolder color throughout the room.

In the bathroom, the pale, muted turquoise walls will be paired with bright turquoise and green accessories, colored glass balls, sconces, etc. Or maybe a pale turquoise bedroom can have pops of bright yellow, or maybe red? The white room, the living room, will have the orange couch. Maybe I'll add magenta and turquoise pillows. The dining room could be a very pale tangerine. You get the idea. This keeps the bright color from being overwhelming and the pale wall colors from being boring.

I came across the classic color collection from Benjamin Moore and I think I will be able to find what I need amongst all these yummy choices.

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  1. I'm sure what ever you decide it will turn out amazing. You did a great job decorating the Eagle Trace house so you have a knack for this stuff!