Friday, July 15, 2011

I Bought a 1928 Bungalow...Maybe.

 My offer was accepted, anyway. The inspection is this Saturday, so if it's a money pit I will back out. I'm not letting myself get excited yet. Not to mention, my current house on Eagle Trace isn't under contract yet. So, why did I make an offer? Because it's a 3/2 in Clarksville with a decent yard that is actually in my budget. How can that be? Because it was a short sale. Apparently no one else wanted to deal with the 4 title holders. Also, it's a bit of a dump...but a dump with good bones.

3 bedrooms. That's one for me, one for my sewing stuff and one for guests.
2 bathrooms! I hadn't even dreamed I'd be able to afford a house with two baths. Much less, one in Clarksville!
Clawfoot tub. Yummy!
Beautiful wide trim around all the window and doors.
Built in bookcases next to wood-burning fireplace.
2 sets of french doors.
A front porch with a ceiling fan and hooks for a porch swing. Yes, there is one in the photo, but the owner took it with her...she took the kitchen sink too...but left a bunch of clothes and shoes. Weird.

The previous owner had four dogs. The wood floors are scratched to hell and need to be resurfaced.
There is some funky surfaces on the ceiling and the walls in the bathroom. It looks like popcorn was added to the ceiling and then not scraped properly and then painted over. It needs to be scraped and probably refloated and resurfaced.
The owner painted the walls, ceiling and trim all the same color. WTF! And she choose some weird, dark colors. I will probably paint everything white to start and then make color choices down the road. But the trim will all stay white to show it off.
She did some "upgrades" which included retiling the kitchen and baths...but chose some ugly-ass tile that is at odds with the architecture of the house. But it's livable for now.
There is no garage. I'll have to get a shed for the gardening equipment and tools.

Back deck. No termites please! It's a blank slate. Just dirt right now.

Living room. It's small, but look at the built ins! Granted, they need to be painted white so you can actually see them. Also, what's with the brass fireplace screen? (*shudder*) It will go bye-bye.

Dining room and view to hallway. Bath with the tub is behind the door you can see.

Kitchen. It looks like the cupboards by the bar are new. The rest (not pictured) are old. The counter sectioning off the bar is weird. It may go. I think that will open up the space. And the tile is hideous.

A bedroom.

The master. It's big with a walk-in closet with shelves for shoes. I think that was one of the previous owner's upgrades. French doors to back yard.

Dark purple bath will walls that need resurfacing.

That tile? There? No bead board or at least white subway tile? Why?!? But, oh, that tub.  

So now my realtor needs to sell Eagle Trace! Anyone want to buy it? It's a great house. Check it out:

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